Repeat Search - Find and remove Duplicate Files

UPDATED (09th February 2009) :
Added shortcuts to open source or target files. Added search only mode to find string. Added ability to force source or destination files to contain specific strings to help match tagged files.

UPDATED (15th August 2008) : Added Results List

Updated Repeat Search to list the repeated files and their repeat status.

Repeat Search compares two paths of files and locates duplicate files between the two locations. Repeat Search is ideal for backup situations. Did the backup succeed? have all the files copied correctly? which files did I backup? Repeat search provides a simple solution to all these problem questions and more.

Repeat Search can be used in several modes of operation, it can work just as you would comparing only those files with the same file name in different locations or it can compare all files to find duplicates made under differing names. It can even identify duplicates within a single directory tree.


Directory Comparison
Compare two directories deleting identical files from the source leaving two directory trees which comprise the master set of files.
Drag and Drop Configuration
Just drag from your browser the two directories you wish to compare to their relative source or destination path boxes.
Simulation Mode
Uncertain about duplicate removal? Use the simulation mode to see what Repeat Search will do with your files and be fully confident no files will be deleted untill your ready to run a proper run.
Command line operation
Automate repeat searching using command line parameters.
Find ALL repeats

Find and delete identical files even under different file names.

Special 'Stay' mode
Compares files only under the same sub-path (e.g. Source: "C:\Test\", Dest: "C:\Original" common Sub-Path:"File1\File2"). This mode is perfect in a backup senario where you want to be certain you've backed up all those files.

Available for 14.99 Repeat Search is a truely simple answer to duplicate file elimination.

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