Process Manager - Displays a list of running Processes and Modules

UPDATED (28th December 2014) : Updates to support cross platform use in single image (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP)

Program rebuilt with latest bug fixes:

UPDATED (24th August 2009) : Major Update

Process Manager has been enhanced in the following ways:

  • Added KVK Consultancy's NEW unique docking window interface!
  • Added Active Accessibility Interface Enumeration (AKA Custom Control Accessibility)
  • Improved User Interface and Enhanced Usability

UPDATED (2nd Mar  2009) : Added Menu Data Enumeration and Modification

Process Manager can now view and control application menus.

Previous Updates

Process Manager displays all running processes in the system and their related Modules, Threads and Windows. Process Manager is indespensible in the manual search for spyware, debugging programs, discovering how applications work. Process Manager displays details about all the executable images know to be executing in the system. Process Manager displays the file path of the executable image as well as the company name and image description. Process Manager also displays all the windows belonging to the runing processes (sub-divided by owning thread) allowing modification of window dimensions and properties (needless to say be careful, serious problems can be caused by misuse).


View Running Processes
Lists all the processes running in the system.
Lists Process Modules
Lists process modules loaded into each process address space.
Shows Threads of Execution
Lists threads of execution running in each process.
Lists Threads' Windows
Lists  and  allows  the  modification  of Windows owned by each  running  thread.

Displays and allows modification  of Window Data

List the contence of and allows modification of known window types such a list views and tree views.

Displays and allows modification of Menu Entries

List and allows modification of window menu items.
Allows Column Sorting
Sort files by any column.
Lists Suspect Loaded  Executable Images:
Lists Modules and Processes that are considered suspect for some reason and provides  an  explaination why.
Image Name Search
Search  all  running processes and modules for a  specific  named  executable image.

Window Handle/Class/Caption Searching

Search  for a Window by Title, handle, Class or Location.

Show Hide Columns

Toggle columns on and off so you only deal with the information your interested in.

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