File Editor

File Editor allows windows files to be edited in binary, octal, hexidecimal, decimal or ASCII notation. File Editor simply displays the raw content of files using your chosen font presenting a colour coded view of the file data. The application includes a search facility which can be used to search the file for ASCII or UNI-CODE strings.


Simple search facility perfect for finding that illusive sub-string.
Drag and Drop Configuration
Drag whichever unprotected file you wish to edit onto the application title bar and editing can begin. Drag data from Word or Notepad into the editing grid to have the data appended/inserted into the file at the drop point.
Copy & Paste Functionality
Copy regions of data from one file to another.
Multiple Editing modes with Smart Insersion
View and edit the files in Binary, Octal, Hexidecimal, Decimal or ASCII. As you add in each mode the numbers flow logicaly (with the exception of Decimal Mode which). As you add figures all the other figures will move as you would expect if had inserted that digit into a large number.

File Editor is a hand tool for those binary file modifications.

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